Ga. Gov. Perdue Pushes ‘Super Speeder’ Legislation

February 12, 2007

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue announced legislation in an effort to reduce traumatic automobile accidents and provide additional funds for trauma care inGeorgia.

The “Super Speeder” legislation was introduced last Thursday when the General Assembly reconvened.

“Traffic accidents exact an enormous cost on the people of Georgia,” said Perdue. “We must do more to prevent crashes and save lives by addressing behaviors such as speeding that lead to many serious accidents.”

Preliminary estimates show the Super Speeder legislation could generate as much as $25 million to $30 million per year. The additional fees, after administrative costs, will go to the state’s general treasury with the intent that the money will be used to fund a trauma care system.

“There is a clear link between the people who cause deadly accidents on our roadways and the rising strain on our hospitals’ emergency services,” Perdue said. “We’re going to hold accountable people who repeatedly engage in dangerous activities, and I hope that these increased fines will give them incentive to stop their behavior and make our roads safer.”

The Super Speeder legislation will increase fines to decrease trauma-causing behavior. Driving over 85 mph or more anywhere in Georgia and 75 mph or more on a two lane road will be classified as a “super speeding” offense, adding an additional fine of $200, which will be administered by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

The legislation will also address habitual violators who lose their license because of dangerous driving behaviors. There will be an additional $300 fine for license reinstatement for DUI, vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, or feticide by vehicle. There will also be an additional $200 fine for license reinstatement for racing, fleeing and attempting to elude, and leaving the scene of an accident (all currently receive an automatic suspension) and an additional $100 fine for license reinstatement for other moving violations (in addition to the $210 current fine).

Fines will also be assessed based on the number of points accrued against a driver’s license: $100 fine at 7-9 points; $125 fine at 10-12 points and $200 fine at 13-14 points (the license is suspended at 15 points).

The Governor made the announcement at the State Capitol at an event to promote motorcycle safety with the cast of the upcoming movie “Wild Hogs,” which will be released on March 2. Cast members attending the rally included Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy. Motorcycle riders from around the state joined the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and other state officials welcoming the stars to Georgia.

Source: Office of the Governor, State of Georgia

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