FAIA Establishes Disaster Recovery Plan for Members

May 17, 2005

A new partnership announced between the Florida Association of Insurance Agents and Agility Recovery Solutions, will enable FAIA members to meet the needs of clients during an unforeseen disaster. Under provisions of the partnership, Agility Recovery Solutions, a disaster recovery company, will respond within 48 hours of a declared emergency to deliver everything an agency needs to keep running and stay connected to clients.

“If you can’t take care of your clients, they will find someone else who can,” FAIA information describing the services provided by ARS explains. “That’s the reality of our business, and nothing tests our ability to meet the needs of our clients like an unforeseen disaster.

“As insurance agents we understand the profound impact of a fire, windstorm or flood can have on a business. In times of trouble, our clients need us more than ever. If your office is destroyed or your systems go down, will you be able to service your clients?”

FAIA has arranged with ARS, an on-site recovery solutions provider since 1989, to provide a wide variety of services needed to keep agencies running and connected to clients. Its services include: onsite mobile office space; satellite communications; computers and servers; phone and Internet service; printers and fax machines; and portable power generators.

Individual FAIA members pay a basic monthly fee and in the event of an emergency declaration, Agility agrees to provide the services necessary to keep the agency up-and-running and bill the client for out-of-pocket expenses, many of which should be paid by insurance coverage.

Information is available on the FAIA website, www.faia.com, or the group can be contacted by telephone at (850) 893-4155.

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