Online Filing Latest Electronic Tool to Speed Inter-Insurer Arbitration Process

March 14, 2005

The inter-company arbitration process is reportedly picking up even more speed with the introduction of Online Filing by Florida-based Arbitration Forums Inc. (AF), a nonprofit provider of inter-insurance dispute resolution services.

Online Filing allows insurers and self-insured companies to file their arbitration cases via AF’s Web site reducing turnaround time from filing to hearing by 15 percent.

Cases will reportedly go to hearings five to 10 days sooner since the customer schedules their own cases live on the Web site.

Users also can verify online evidence materials received by AF’s data center, confirming what and when materials were received. Online filing also reportedly reduces data entry errors since information is entered directly by the user online and does not require manual entry of paper materials received by AF staff.

AF’s future plan is to introduce online submission of imaged evidence. This will reportedly enable AF to eventually hold “virtual” hearings conducted by arbitrators in locations otherwise too remote to travel.

AF’s online filing service is available for its Automobile and Property insurance programs as well as MedPay, PIP – Special and Uninsured Motorists’ soon will follow.

The only software needed to utilize Online Filing is a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded at no charge.

Later this year AF will introduce the E-Subro Hub, an electronic clearinghouse that will reportedly speed up the subrogation process and further reduce costs. The web-based subrogation technology will allow thousands of insurers, self-insureds, Third Party Administrators and claims service organizations to streamline the subrogation process and interactively manage both demands and responses.

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