Perma-Fix Notes Program to Assist Generators with Potential Liabilities From Sites

November 29, 2004

Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc. has announced a program to assist waste generators in removing their hazardous and non-hazardous waste and possibly reducing liability associated with their waste materials at the Southeastern Research & Recovery Inc. Superfund site and other abandoned waste sites.

Perma-Fix has identified this need through interaction with new customers who have determined that their former waste service providers had shipped materials to the Southeastern Research & Recovery Inc. site, located in Atlanta. This site has been taken over by EPA for an Emergency Response action.

For those with a waste generator that sent waste to Southeastern
Research & Recovery’s site either directly or through a broker or third party, they may be liable for the removal of their waste on the site and may be liable for significant other cost associated with the cleanup. The site contains approximately 13,000 drums of waste.

Perma-Fix can assist generators involved in such sites by acting as their agent in the process, potentially removing waste from the sites and/or providing options that can reduce their long-term liability associated with the EPA action.

Generators who would like to participate or would like more information on how to potentially reduce their liability at this site should contact Perma-Fix at 770-587-9932. Confidentiality is assured.

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