Flood Zone Correction Alerts Property Owners on Dangers From Storms

September 10, 2004

In the aftermath of another catastrophic hurricane that produced record rainfall amounts, Florida-based Flood Zone Correction Inc. is urging all property owners to keep the storm drains clear.

Landscaping debris such as leaves, branches and other materials can clog storm drains that keep people’s home safe from floodwaters. When materials block the flow of water into the drains, water has nowhere to go but up, resulting in street, lawn and possible home flooding. Removing existing debris before and during lulls in storm activity will reduce the potential of unnecessary water damage.

“Most communities throughout the country have made significant investments in their drainage systems to protect against flood damage during heavy rainstorms. But, if the storm drains are clogged or blocked by debris, the risk of flooding increases dramatically,” said Dan Freudenthal, president of Flood Zone Correction Inc. “We encourage neighbors to band together to make sure their storm drains are clear to flow water away from their homes to safe locations. We urge everyone to conduct a thorough flood risk analysis to identify their true flood risk to make sure they maintain appropriate flood insurance coverage.”

A flood risk analysis is a comprehensive examination of homes or buildings within FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)-designated SFHA’s (Special Flood Hazard Areas). The analysis will underscore the need for a lender’s flood insurance requirement or provide an indication that the flood insurance requirement should not exist.

As a public service, Flood Zone Correction Inc., offers residential and commercial property owners a thorough flood risk analysis free of charge.

Flood Zone Correction Inc., reportedly finds that many homeowners and commercial property owners are being forced to buy high-risk flood insurance when, according to its experience, 90 percent of their homes and buildings are not at high-risk to flooding during heavy rainstorms. These property owners should reportedly be able to choose a level of coverage that best meets their needs and budgets
instead of being forced to maintain an amount dictated by third parties.

Removing unwarranted flood insurance requirements reportedly saves homeowners an average of $500 every year. That can add up to $15,000 over the course of a 30-year mortgage.

Freudenthal added, “Property owners should create a hurricane
preparedness savings account. The savings created by flood zone correction can be applied towards high windstorm insurance deductibles, debris removal or new landscaping after devastating hurricanes, like Charley and Frances.”

For more information, visit (http://www.floodzonecorrection.com) or call toll-free: 1-877-FLOOD ZONE.

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