Bridium Unveils WCIRS for Workers’ Comp Claims

July 28, 2004

Atlanta-based Bridium, a technology provider and custom services company for the insurance industry, has introduced WCIRS (Workers’ Compensation Injury Reporting System).

Bridium developed WCIRS with features that allow insurers, third-party administrators (TPAs) and self-insured employers nationwide to file first and subsequent reports of injury and medical bills for maximum efficiency and increased productivity.

WCIRS is a complete workflow automation process that allows users to meet reporting requirements of all jurisdictions in every state that receives workers’ comp claims electronically, as well as to print the required forms for non-EDI states. With the addition of frequent state mandates, WCIRS provides timely updates for all necessary changes. Since WCIRS is installed on Bridium’s server, there is no need for clients to update their software. This also enables an unlimited number of users to access the system anywhere that there is Internet access.

WCIRS’ most important feature is reportedly its Subsequent Sequencing, which automatically organizes subsequent reports and sends them to the state in their correct order. Each subsequent report must be acknowledged and accepted before the next report can be sent.

“Subsequent Sequencing is WCIRS’ most distinguishing new feature and sets our solution apart from all others,” said Brian Stephens, vice president of Bridium’s Connectivity Unit. “In particular, the new Sequencing capability will assist customers in determining the next document to file in the workers’ compensation reporting process. Not only will this module prevent customers from sending documents out of sequence and receiving costly rejections from the states, it will also save our users tremendous time and resources.”

Other WCIRS features include:

· Electronic and paper First Report of Injury (FROI) filing: Now clients can rely on a single application to both print and distribute electronically all state FROI forms.

· E-mail notification: WCIRS users will be notified via email about the availability of Detail Acknowledgment forms or a reassigned report.

· OSHA 300 Reports: WCIRS offers the ability to create and print OSHA 300 reports for filing.

· Management Reports: WCIRS’ added functionality will allow clients to custom design the format and content of their management reports.

· Extensive audit trail function: WCIRS allows users to track claims through every step of the reporting process. Users can look at the series of transmissions for every claim, including every FROI and SROI, to capture a complete reporting history.

The system also allows users to file reports in the newly adopted IAIABC Release 3 standard, a format for filing workers’ comp claims as outlined by IAIABC (the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions).

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