DMLR Launches Campaign in South Carolina

July 7, 2004

Doctors for Medical Liability Reform (DMLR), a coalition of more than 230,000 medical specialists dedicated to national medical liability reform, launched an aggressive advocacy campaign in the state of South Carolina today, informing its citizens about the growing access-to-healthcare crisis that is having a negative effect on the state’s well being and on its economic future.

The Protect Patients Now in South Carolina campaign will consist of a 30-minute newsmagazine that will begin airing this week on both network and cable television. The newsmagazines take an in-depth look at the access-to- healthcare crisis affecting South Carolina. Viewers will hear and see first-hand from doctors and patients how reportedly fragile South Carolina’s healthcare system is today.

Other components of the campaign will include print and radio ads directly targeting those who can change the course of South Carolina’s healthcare by enacting national medical liability reform if they are elected, U.S. Senate candidates Jim DeMint, Republican, and Inez Tenenbaum, Democrat.

DeMint has signed the DMLR pledge to protect patients now and would reportedly vote for a reasonable cap on non-economic damages if he is elected to the Senate. As a U.S. Congressman, DeMint was a co-sponsor of a bill that passed meaningful medical liability reform, but the bill was reportedly blocked in the U.S. Senate by a handful of Democratic Senators.

Tenenbaum has not signed the DMLR pledge to protect patients now. Her campaign spokesperson, Adam Kovacevich, reportedly called the DMLR pledge a “silly political gimmick.”

According to the DMLR, this clearly indicates that Tenenbaum, who claims to be “independent” of the national Democratic Party, supports the party’s continuing efforts to prevent meaningful medical liability reform from passing in the United States Senate.

DMLR said it will aggressively highlight the different positions the Senate candidates have on this position and will continue informing the entire state of South Carolina about the access-to-healthcare crisis they are facing.

According to DMLR, without meaningful medical liability reform, the citizens of South Carolina will suffer as patients of a healthcare system being destroyed by greedy personal injury lawyers.

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