Diversified Product Inspections Forms New Inspection Fee Schedule

March 23, 2004

Tennessee-based Diversified Product Inspections Inc., a provider of independent product failure analysis, air contamination and fire investigations for the insurance industry, announced that the company plans to implement a new multi-level pricing schedule.

This change will reportedly provide the insurance industry an improved method of selecting the DPI service which will be the most appropriate level of forensic analysis for product liability investigations in order to produce the best subrogation and recovery results.

John VanZyll, president and CEO said, “DPI will begin marketing our varied services in a different more definitive way beginning April 1, 2004, by arranging the existing services into levels of service from
Level I to Level III. In listening to our clients, we feel that if we
clearly identify in detail what they can expect from each type of
report and the level of expertise used in creating product liability
reports, it will increase our clients’ success rate in subrogation
cases and has the potential to increase DPI’s revenues. All the levels of service are currently available to our clients, but with the new method of marketing our services, it should clarify the price and
details of what is offered with each level of service.

“Level I is $200 for non fire items and designed for claims of $1,500 to $20,000 ($275 for fire and large items) Level I is the current standard report. Level II will be a $450 base fee plus hourly fees, which we recommend for claims $20,000 to $40,000 and includes a higher level of detail and will be signed by a licensed professional engineer. Level III has a $550 base rate plus hourly fees and is suggested for claims $40,000 and above. Level III incorporates full scale engineering testing and reports signed and sealed by a licensed engineer. This Level of Service pricing system will make it easier for the insurance adjuster, claims managers and lawyers to choice the proper level of report to maximize recovery success. Details of the Level of Service program can be viewed on DPI”s Web site: www.dpi-inc.com.”

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