NALG Comments on Unauthorized Spam E-mail

December 24, 2003

Harold S. Fischer, CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based North American Liability Group (NALG), announced it has become aware that an unauthorized spam e-mail was sent out about the company by an unknown third party.

NALG noted that someone who identified himself or itself as “RB” sent a spam e-mail which contained information which did not come from the company, was never approved by the company and in fact, contained inaccurate information about NALG.

In commenting upon this, Harold Fischer, CEO stated: “We have no idea who disseminated this spam e-mail. This e-mail was not authorized by the company and we are trying to determine its source and that e-mail should not be relied upon by any potential investor. We encourage anyone who received the spam e-mail to report it to the proper authorities.”

NALG is an insurance processing company that integrates universally compatible applications and infrastructure to manage and process insurance applications, claims and settlements.

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