Tort Reform Association Calls W.Va. a “Judicial Hellhole”

December 22, 2003

The American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) singled out West Virginia as the only statewide “Judicial Hellhole” in their recently released report, “Bringing Justice to Judicial Hellholes™ 2003.”

The designation “further highlights and reinforces the urgent need for significant civil justice reforms in the state, according to the American Insurance Association,” said the bulletin.

“West Virginia is one of several places in the country where plaintiffs come to seek ‘jackpot justice’ or play the ‘lawsuit lottery.’ This has got to stop.” explained Randy Cox, local AIA counsel. “It is actually costing West Virginians hard-earned tax dollars because the courts are over-burdened with all these cases.”

The bulletin did indicate that the W.Va.”legislature has already made strides in passage of important legislation to improve the state’s venue law and with medical liability reform. However the AIA and the business community “want lawmakers to expand reforms that will help end the kind of lawsuit abuse that harms companies and deters economic growth.”

“AIA is promoting a 2004 legislative agenda that seeks to address the fairness of the legal system and the litigation environment in West Virginia – which are currently major barriers to corporate investment in the state, and ultimately impact the availability and affordability of insurance in this state,” Cox continued.

“Bringing Justice to Judicial Hellholes™ 2003 is available at

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