2 Oklahoma Suits Alleging Drilling Caused Quakes Dismissed

August 23, 2016

Oklahoma residents have agreed to dismiss two lawsuits claiming several drilling companies triggered earthquakes that damaged homes.

Brenda Lene and Jon Darryn Lene filed a lawsuit against multiple companies in February. The couple alleged that wastewater disposal wells caused earthquakes that damaged their home.

Lisa Griggs and April Marler filed a lawsuit in January saying the companies’ wastewater disposal is an ultra-hazardous activity that damaged their homes, lowered property values, created home repair expenses and contributed to lost peace of mind.

Attorney Scott Poynter represents the four residents, The Journal Record reports. Poynter said court rules allow his clients to voluntarily dismiss and refile a lawsuit.

Poynter says he plans to refile the complaints in the near future, and that he’s working with geoscientists to develop a stronger case to establish which companies should be held accountable and to what degree of fault they should have.

Poynter said he expects to file as many as three new cases in relation to damage sustained from three earthquake clusters.

“We’re going to come back bigger, stronger and badder,” he said. “My clients are looking forward to our day in court.”

The two dismissed lawsuits are among at least five filed against drillers related to wastewater disposal and earthquakes in the last year.

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