CareRise Granted Patent on Healthcare Facility Risk Management Program

September 26, 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued a third patent to Tim Goux, CEO of risk management company, CareRise, that further protects the company’s business method to reduce insurance claims and losses at healthcare facilities. (System and Method For Improving the Operation of a Business Entity and Monitoring and Reporting the Results Thereof, Patent No: 8,799,024)

Currently, CareRise is providing service to clients in 134 cities, throughout 24 states. In a controlled group, spanning over 156 consecutive months, facilities using the CareRise method have demonstrated a 74 percent better result in loss cost per bed when compared to national averages.

The patented CareRise business method uses a proprietary web-based system and real-time data collected to isolate potential risk and track improvement. CareRise risk managers, all of whom have earned R.N. degrees, regularly visit the insured facility to evaluate up to 500 risk factors such as fall prevention, wound care, documentation, environmental security and contingency planning.

This latest patent explicitly states that this business method is not limited to any particular entity or class of entities. In the next few weeks, the company will launch the ‘next generation’ of web-based technology. CareRise 5.0 will offer a brand new platform that will vastly enhance the performance of team members in the field and provide a greater level of intelligence for our clients and business partners, at all of their various levels of interest and need.

The program is available through a network of insurance brokers across the United States and CareRise,, 888-395-4200.

Source: CareRise

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