Louisiana Parish Says Hazard Plan Update Nearly Complete

September 24, 2014

Terrebonne Parish officials are completing their latest plans for dealing with dangerous situations the area could face.

In a 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan update, a committee focused on levee failure, flooding, hurricanes and tropical storms, saltwater intrusion, tornadoes, subsistence and coastal erosion as the major hazards faced by the parish.

Since 2010, the parish has focused heavily on projects to raise homes, wind-harden public buildings, create barriers to salt water intrusion and bolster local levees.

Pat Gordon, Terrebonne Parish planning and zoning director, tells The Courier future projects will also focus on protecting infrastructure in the event of disasters. This includes roads, sewer pumps, water pumps and power stations.

Terrebonne’s Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Committee met Monday to edit maps and discuss priority status for different projects.

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