Pilot of Plane That Crashed in Louisiana Had Drugs in His System

June 24, 2014

Federal authorities have released a report on the July 2013 plane crash near Oak Ridge that killed the pilot and instructor on board.

KNOE-TV reports that the National Transportation Safety Board finds drugs may have played a role in the fatal plane crash.

An A toxicology report reveals 28-year-old Jonathan Whitacre of Indiana had marijuana along with a prescription drugs in his liver, lungs and blood stream. The prescription drug hydroxychloroquine is sometimes used to decrease inflammation in patients with lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Whitacre did not report any of these disorders, or use of the medicine to FAA.

The flight that killed Whitacre, along with flight instructor Clarence Collins, 74, was also found to be 32 pounds too heavy.

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