Allstate Ranks Texas’ Top 25 Counties for Hail, Wind and Lightning

May 6, 2014

Texas storms clobbered more Allstate insured homes in Midland than any other part of the state over the past five years, while Smith county saw the highest frequency of lightning.

Allstate tallied the top 25 Texas counties affected by severe weather; identifying areas with highest frequencies of wind and hail, and lightning related homeowner property damage claims from 2009 through 2013.

Highest Frequency of Wind and Hail Claims 2009-2013 by County
1 Midland
2 El Paso
3 Dallas
4 Lubbock
5 Johnson
6 Williamson
7 Hidalgo
8 Randall
9 Parker
10 Denton
11 Tarrant
12 Smith
13 Travis
14 Bexar
15 Collin
16 Bell
17 Fort Bend
18 Montgomery
19 Harris
20 Webb
21 Galveston
22 Nueces
23 Brazoria
24 Cameron
25 Jefferson
Highest Frequency of Lightning Claims 2009-2013 by County
1 Smith
2 Jefferson
3 Montgomery
4 Johnson
5 Parker
6 Lubbock
7 Denton
8 Collin
9 Williamson
10 Brazoria
11 Dallas
12 Tarrant
13 Galveston
14 Harris
15 Bell
16 Fort Bend
17 Bexar
18 Travis
19 Midland
20 Randall
21 Webb
22 Hidalgo
23 Nueces
24 Cameron
25 El Paso

Midland, El Paso and Dallas top the list for the frequency of wind and hail homeowner property claims over the past five years. Smith, Jefferson and Montgomery saw the highest frequency of lightning claims. Counties with the highest frequency of claims range from north, south, east and western parts of the state; demonstrating few areas in Texas are safe from severe weather.

About the Data

To collect the data, Allstate measured the frequency of hail and wind and lightning homeowner property claims from 2009- 2013 to tally the top 25 counties which all had at least 3500 Allstate policies.

Source: Allstate Insurance Company

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