Louisiana Parish Denies Allegations Over Gustav Cleanup

March 21, 2014

Attorneys say the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s threat to have Livingston Parish’s Hurricane Gustav debris removal monitors investigated for fraud is “gratuitous” and “improper.”

FEMA has alleged that monitors hired by the parish to oversee the removal of leaning trees and hanging limbs from parish rights of way were inexperienced, poorly trained and submitted fraudulent claims.

The parish’s attorneys said in the latest motion filed in the case that the accusations of misconduct are “unfounded” and fail to explain how FEMA’s own personnel on the ground could have missed such widespread fraud.

At issue is the nearly $59 million Livingston Parish is seeking from FEMA in unpaid cleanup costs stemming from the 2008 storm.

The Advocate reports the dispute is before the U.S. Civilian Board of Contract Appeals.

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