Texas Windstorm Insurer: Repairs Must Follow Wind Code Rules

January 26, 2009

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association is instructing agents who have clients with residential dwellings insured under the TWIA waiver program that all repairs must be done to the current catastrophe area wind code requirements and WPI-8(s) must be issued for all repairs, additions, and alterations.

A WPI-8 is a building code certificate of compliance issued by the Texas Department of Insurance. It certifies that a structure has been erected, altered and/or repaired in accordance with building construction requirements for TWIA windstorm coverage as outlined in Section 6A, Article 21.49 of the Texas Insurance Code.

Specifically the rules for the WPI-8 waiver stipulate that:

“Once accepted for coverage by TWIA, all subsequent additions, alterations, reroofs, or other repairs on the subject property must comply with required windstorm code specifications and certification through acquisition of needed WPI-8(s) for the changes described above in order to remain insurable with TWIA.”

As stated above, the TWIA waiver only exempts code deficiencies that existed prior to application for coverage with TWIA. Those who suffered damage in Hurricane Ike, for example, that were insured by TWIA, need to make sure their repairs comply with the current catastrophe area wind code and that they secure WPI-8(s) to remain insurable with TWIA.

A WPI-8 may be obtained from TDI’s windstorm unit.

Source: TWIA, www.twia.org/

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