SIIS Warns Texans About Coverage for Flood Damage

May 10, 2005

Many Texas homeowners are under the impression that flooding caused by rising water is covered under the standard homeowners insurance policy in Texas and often they discover too late that it is not, according to Jerry Johns, president of Southwestern Insurance Information Service.

“A poll released yesterday by the Florida coalition, Hurricane Survival Initiative, revealed that 40 percent of the respondents believed flood damage was covered by their homeowners policy,” he said.

If we were to survey Texas homeowners we predict that number would be about the same, he advised.

“Hurricane season is just around the corner in Texas and spring storms will likely begin popping up in Texas prompting some timely advice to homeowners,” the industry group said.

“Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program and sold by insurance agents throughout Texas,” he said. “The typical homeowners policy does not cover damage caused by flooding, but does cover wind-driven rain.”

“Sadly, a large number of homeowners in the state find this out only after their homes have suffered the ravages of flood water,” he added.

We recommend that citizens talk to their insurance agent about flood insurance before rather than after a storm, Johns concluded.

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