Okla. Investigator Praised for Work in Cracking Fraud Case

October 30, 2003

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher announced that Arizona officials credited an investigator from the Oklahoma Insurance Department with cracking a case involving the sales of fake bonds across the nation. The bonds were reportedly being sold from Arizona but some ended up in Oklahoma.

Leslie Landwert, an investigator for the Oklahoma Insurance Department, alerted Arizona officials to the problem in which a Phoenix woman is alleged to have sold numerous bonds, including some to auto dealerships in Oklahoma.

Diana Greene is currently in a Phoenix jail awaiting trial on numerous felony counts.

In February, Fisher ordered Greene to stop selling bonds in Oklahoma. In May, he warned Oklahomans that she might be continuing to reportedly sell bonds with little more than a fraudulent off-shore company and an Internet site. At that time, officials knew of more than $1.5 million in unpaid claims, and since that time, more have been found.

Fisher praised Landwert for her work in the case.

“Leslie’s work on behalf of the citizens of Oklahoma may have saved many from financial disaster had they purchased fraudulent bonds,” Fisher said. “Certainly, I am proud of her work, but a little frightened to think what could have happened to many of our fellow citizens without her hard work.”

In a letter to the Oklahoma Insurance Department, Arizona officials said Landwert’s work was an “important factor” in the investigation.

“Leslie has been most resourceful and reliable during this very complicated multi-state investigation and her contributions were extremely valuable, actually pivotal, in the success of our legal actions,” wrote Terry Cooper, Fraud Division chief for the Arizona Department of Insurance.

Cooper awarded Landwert a Certificate of Outstanding Performance for her work in the matter.

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