Surveying Your Department’s Claims Writing Issues

By Gary Blake | May 18, 2018

To help you solve your claims writing problems – or those of your colleagues – I have put together a list of 20 topics that claims executives tell me are of concern to them. These topics can harm customer service, take away for the professional image you strive to attain, lead to embarrassing errors and slow up claims handling.

Please check off any claims areas that you’d like to like to improve, send me the number next to each issue, and I will send you some free information about how to improve the issues you select:

1) Denials ( )
2) Reservation of Rights ( )
3) Format of policy language within a letter ( )
4. Inappropriate or negative tone ( )
5) Large loss reports ( )
6) Writing Best Practices guidelines ( )
7) Conquering punctuation problems ( )
8) Conquering grammar problems ( )
9) Getting rid of old fashioned phrases, jargon and wordiness ( )
10) Breaking up lengthy sentences and paragraphs ( )
11) Avoiding bad faith lawsuits ( )
12) Need for a claims department style guide ( )
13) Reviewing, revising and updating your template letters ( )
14) Organizing information ( )
15) How to review your adjusters’ letters ( )
16) Avoiding vagueness ( )
17) Improving auto claims writing ( )
18) Better “Re” lines, salutations and closings ( )
19) Improving liability letters ( ) and property letters ( )
20) Please fill in any writing issue that you would like to know more about____________________________________________( )

Just send the number of each issue to me at, and I will send you specifics about tackling each issue. (If you like, you may send me your own description of how each issue impinges on the quality of your department’s claims letters.)

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About Gary Blake

Gary Blake is director of The Communication Workshop, offering claims writing webinars and seminars to claims professionals throughout the US, Bermuda, Canada, and the UK. Blake is the author of The Elements of Business Writing (Pearson Education), used at more than 100 insurance companies. He has written about claims writing for a number of industry publications. His e-mail is More from Gary Blake

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