Burglars Targeting “Backyard Valuables” During Vacation Season

June 24, 2016

With summer finally here, families across the country will be taking off for long-awaited vacations and weekend getaways. Burglars are making summer plans, too.

According to the US Department of Justice, the highest percentage of burglaries occurs during the summer months, and thieves aren’t just after what’s inside your home.

“Empty homes offer thieves the perfect opportunity to steal valuable goods, even if they don’t step foot in your house,” said Heather Bolyard, AVP of claims support for American Modern Insurance Group, a leader in specialty insurance. “Some of the most sought after items for burglars are actually located outside of the physical confines of your home, from air conditioning units and pool pumps, to recreational belongings such as bicycles.”

An American Modern survey of more than 500 adults living in the US, indicated that 31 percent do not take proactive steps to secure property and personal items located on the outside of the home. Additionally, the survey indicated that respondents were most likely to take steps to protect their electronics (42%), as well as jewelry and watches (23%) inside their homes, and less likely to do so with outdoor/recreational items (18%). The survey was conducted through Google in June 2016.

“Some thieves are after materials that can be sold to scrappers or recyclers for quick cash, while others want moderately expensive items that can be sold online before an owner realizes they’re gone. These items can include bicycles, sporting equipment, pool pumps and copper coils from air conditioning units,” Bolyard said.

According to the FBI, over two million home burglaries are reported each year in the United States.

Source: American Modern Insurance Group

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