MedRisk Launches Functional Capacity Evaluation Program

April 20, 2015

MedRisk, Inc., the leader in managed physical medicine and diagnostic imaging services in workers’ compensation, has created a new Functional Capacity Evaluation program to provide claims professionals more effective decision-making tools and improve patient care.

FCEs can be used to measure the progress of treatment strategies, determine disability ratings or support safe return-to-work decisions. MedRisk’s new program identifies and clearly communicates the objectives of the FCE prior to the evaluation.

Peer-to-peer quality assurance reviews and summaries of the FCE report are other key differentiators of MedRisk’s new program.

“Ease of use for the claims professional is critical,” said Michelle Buckman, chief operating officer. “The summary provides a snapshot of the full report. This way, they can review the key components at a glance.”

The summary provides functional results as they relate to the job requirements, the patient’s consistency of effort and a return-to-work recommendation from a credentialed FCE specialist. The quality assurance review and summary are performed on the same day so as not to delay the delivery of the FCE report.

MedRisk also maintains an online library of job descriptions for employers that use the program. Patient education in advance of the evaluation and appointment reminders by text are other important features.

Using guidelines developed by the American Physical Therapy Association, MedRisk’s national network of physical and occupational therapists have been credentialed to perform expert FCEs.

Source: MedRisk, Inc.

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