California Tops List for Water Loss Claims: State Farm

March 25, 2015
Photo: State Farm
Photo: State Farm

April showers bring May flowers but it also brings the potential for water in your basement. One of the worst experiences a homeowner can have is a backed-up sewer or drain filling the basement with foul-smelling water and sewage. Water losses are rising even though many of these accidents are preventable. In 2014, State Farm paid nearly $1.8 billion for water loss claims as a result of frozen pipes, flooded basements and burst appliance hoses, an increase from the $1.3 billion State Farm paid in 2013.

Top Ten States for State Farm Claims Due to Water Loss in 2014

Top States for Paid Water Loss Claims Amount Paid for Water Loss Claims Number of Water Loss Claims
1. California $221,424,497 16,631
2. Texas $137,501,184 20,429
3. Georgia $137,260,031 16,833
4. Illinois $123,380,532 15,409
5. New York $99,044,118 12,353
6. Michigan $88,771,032 10,659
7. Pennsylvania $81,206,511 14,235
8. Tennessee $60,423,019 7,162
9. Ohio $52,454,367 7,601
10. Maryland $49,617,368 6,433

Source: State Farm

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