Claims Journal’s Top 10 Legal Articles of 2014

December 31, 2014

While it’s no easy feat keeping up with legal decisions across the nation, expert contributors authored these top 10 read articles to keep adjusters in the loop.

  1. Does Automobile Insurance Follow the Car or the Driver? by Gary L. Wickert.
  2. The Emerging Hail Risk: What the Hail is Going On? by Steve Badger.
  3. Funeral Processions and the Right-of-Way by Gary L. Wickert and Nicole M. Ways.
  4. You Break It, You Buy It: Understanding Anti-Indemnity Statutes by Gary L. Wickert.
  5. Key Issues to Consider in the Tracy Morgan Crash by Justin Parafinczuk.
  6. Liability for Allowing Drunk Driving: The Death of Personal Responsibility? by Gary L. Wickert.
  7. Adjuster may be Personally Liability for Negligent Misrepresentation by Burke Coleman.
  8. Big Brother’s Eye in the Sky: Use of Red Light Cameras in Accident Litigation by Gary L. Wickert and Melissa J. Fischer.
  9. What You May Not Know About Uninsured Motorists Claims by David Ezra and Erin Mindoro.
  10. Punishing Common Courtesy by Gary L. Wickert.

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