New Year’s Ranked # 1 for Holiday Vehicle Thefts in 2013: NICB

November 19, 2014

Car thieves don’t take a break for the holidays, according to new data released today by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. NICB’s 2013 Annual Holiday Vehicle Theft Report analyzes data from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which showed a total of 708,909 vehicle thefts for the year.

auto theftNew Year’s resolutions apparently didn’t stop thieves on January 1st, 2013, the number one holiday for vehicle thefts with 2,184 vehicles stolen. Their hearts may have softened for Valentine’s Day, though, when thefts dropped to 1,757. Thieves apparently weren’t feeling the spirit on Independence Day either, when thefts dropped to 1, 750, and there were apparently more tricks than treats for Halloween when thefts spiked to 1,998. And perhaps thieves ate too much turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas when thefts were at their holiday lowest, at 1,353 and 1,244 thefts respectively.

Holidays ranked by the number of thefts in 2013 were:

  1. New Year’s Day (2,184)
  2. Halloween (1,998)
  3. Memorial Day (1,972)
  4. Labor Day (1,915)
  5. Presidents’ Day (1,894)
  6. Christmas Eve (1,774)
  7. Valentine’s Day (1,757)
  8. Independence Day (1,750)
  9. New Year’s Eve (1,715)
  10. Thanksgiving (1,353)
  11. Christmas Day (1,224)

By comparison, the day in all of 2013 with most vehicle thefts occurred on August 12 with 2,316. The day in all of 2013 with the least vehicle thefts was Christmas Day with 1,224.

Source: NICB

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