Construction Solver Introduces New Mobile App

November 25, 2013

A Massachusetts company has developed an new mobile app, the Go Figure Estimating App, that will change the way building estimates are done.

Go Figure was created by contractors for contractors, insurance adjusters, roofing, siding window vendors and more. The teams at Construction Solver responsible for designing the app have all spent years in construction, both residential and commercial. Their experience with the difficult and time consuming process of accurately estimating construction projects led them to try to find a better way. Go Figure is a better way to do estimates more accurately and 15 to 20 times faster.

Go Figure is a revolutionary way to measure, price and organize construction projects. Take a picture of any building with your iPad and if the Go Figure placard is in the picture, the app knows and calculates every dimension of the building.

The simplicity and ease of using Go Figure means little to no computer experience is necessary to take advantage of all its features without ponderous manuals or hours of instruction. In 15 minutes almost anyone can learn to use it.

The simple point and shoot interface combined with the automatic proposal and stock-list generation create a powerful platform to streamline any construction company. The mobile printing package lets contractors print professional proposals on site.

Visit, to view the quick overview and tutorials and start a two week free trial.

Source: Construction Solver, LLC

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