Work Zone Injuries Happen Every 14 Minutes

April 15, 2013

Working in the street or highway can be as dangerous as it sounds.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were more than 37,000 injuries in work zones and more than 500 fatalities in the most recent year reported. This equates to one work zone injury every 14 minutes, 96 per day, or about four people injured every hour.*

Travelers is helping drivers and entities manage this risk by offering important steps to help stay safe for National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 15 – 21.

“When an accident occurs in the work zone, it can have a significant impact to the motorist, worker and the entire company,” said Bob Kreuzer, vice president, Travelers Risk Control. “National Work Zone Awareness Week serves as a reminder to drivers and job supervisors to stay focused on being safe in these areas. As a large insurer of commercial drivers, construction firms and municipalities, Travelers understands how things go wrong and implementing certain precautions can greatly improve safety for these workers.”

Drivers traveling through work zones should also pay extra attention as traffic patterns may change, following distances can be reduced, and equipment, road materials and workers may unexpectedly enter the driving lane.

“There is a lot happening in the roadway leading up to a work zone, and in the work zone itself, which means there is more that can potentially distract a driver,” added Kreuzer. “That’s why it is important to be extra attentive when driving through a work zone to help avoid an accident.”

National Work Zone Awareness Week, sponsored by the Associated General Contractors of America, raises public awareness about the dangers for highway construction sites, roadway work zones and motorists when road improvements are underway.

Source: Travelers

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