30% Increase in Single Vehicle Claims on New Year’s Day: Progressive

December 26, 2012

Single vehicle claims were up 30 percent on New Year’s Day 2012, when compared to the same day of the week two weeks prior to and after New Year’s Day, according to data from Progressive Insurance.

The total number of claims saw a jump of around 25 percent, with the largest increase coming in the single vehicle variety. A single vehicle claim occurs when one car has an incident, and no other car is involved.Upside down SUV

Notable jumps in single vehicle claims on New Year’s Day include:

  • 30 percent increase in single vehicle claims
  • 76 percent increase in single vehicle rollovers
  • 59 percent increase in a single vehicles running off the road and striking an object
  • 29 percent increase in single vehicles that swerved to avoid something and hit an object
  • 19 percent increase in striking an object in the road

“We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘I’m my own worst enemy,’ and that phrase rings as true as ever on New Year’s Day,” said Maria Cashy, the claims customer service process leader at Progressive. “The large increase in single vehicle claims could be attributed to a variety of factors such as icy streets, more people out on the roads or late-night driving. Regardless, the best thing you can do to keep yourself safe is stay off the road.”

Source: Progressive Insurance

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