State Farm Names Top 10 States for Dog Bite Claims

May 16, 2012

State Farm paid more than $109 million as a result of the nearly 3,800 dog bite claims in 2011. Almost $20 million more than in 2010.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) estimates that in 2011, insurers across the country paid nearly $479 million in dog bite claims.

While states that made this year’s top 10 list are the same ones that made last year’s list, there was some movement among states that saw an increase in dog bite claims.

California remained at the top of the list with 527 dog bite claims made and more than $20.3 million paid as a result, representing a 31 percent increase in claims over 2010.

Texas, number four on last year’s list, moved up to third exchanging places with Ohio, a state where claims related to dog bites remained stagnant and losses paid were $300,000 less than the year prior.

State Farm saw an almost $2 million increase in claims paid for dog bites in Indiana.

Top 10 States for State Farm Dog Bite Claims in 2011

State Number of claims Claims paid (estimated)

1. California 527 $20.3 million

2. Illinois 309 $10.0 million

3. Texas 219 $5.1 million

4. Ohio 215 $5.4 million

5. Pennsylvania 197 $4.9 million

6. Michigan 181 $7.0 million

7. Florida 157 $5.1 million

8. Indiana 139 $3.5 million

9. New York 133 $6.1 million

10. Minnesota 117 $3.5 million

A dog’s tendency to bite depends on such factors as heredity, obedience training, socialization, health, and the victim’s behavior. There are good dogs and bad dogs within every breed, just as there can be responsible and irresponsible owners of each breed. State Farm does not refuse insurance based on the breed of dog a customer owns in any U.S. state.

It’s not the breed, it’s the bite is one of the reasons that State Farm recognizes National Dog Bite Prevention Week May 20-26, 2012.

Source: State Farm

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  • May 21, 2012 at 10:22 am
    Jill says:
    Maybe P&C cos. should consider applying a separate large deductible such as $10,000 to injuries or damages caused by dogs or other pets.
  • May 17, 2012 at 1:31 am
    Truthsayer says:
    They are being very careful to not mention that Pit Bulls are responsible for over 50% of all Fatal Dog Bites.. With Rottweilers coming in second at around 14% of Fatal Dog Bi... read more
  • May 16, 2012 at 3:20 pm
    Publicus says:
    Bad woofs.

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