Liquid Claims Introduces New Forecast Plus Software Tool

November 30, 2011

Liquid Claims LLC, a claims settlement services provider for investors involved in securities class action suits, has launched Forecast Plus, a software tool designed to provide clients with a detailed analysis of the their losses and possible recoveries.

Forecast Plus analyzes and calculates a recognized loss –i.e. the basis for determining how much an investor may receive according to the guidelines set forth by the courts in allocation structures. A recognized loss is calculated using trading data that shows when an investment was made, how long the investor held the security, and other complex factors.

“Programmers typically do not understand precise allocation structures or the legalese in which they are written,” said Erik Cohen Liquid Claims’ Chief Technology Officer. “On the other hand, analysts generally do not understand coding. The Liquid Claims Forecast Plus has reduced the time to program the recognized loss for each new settlement from a week or more to just a few hours.”

Forecast Plus is a user friendly tool that requires no knowledge of programming by an analyst. Using advanced drag and drop technology, analysts click on an icon to collect plan of allocation data and move it easily to the appropriate space on the program. When all the data has been collected, the program builds and validates itself, calculating client losses immediately.

Liquid Claims maintains an extensive database of settlement cases to identify opportunities for its clients to recover funds in securities class action suits.

Source: Liquid Claims LLC

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