Toyota to Inspect Some 2009 RAV4 Small SUVs

By Bernie Woodall | April 19, 2011

Toyota Motor Corp has told its U.S. dealers that about 21,000 RAV4 small SUVs from model year 2009 will be inspected for signs of peeling paint on fuel tanks, according to a notice.

In the note to dealers, Toyota said that in “rare instances” paint that was improperly applied may peel. Such tanks will be replaced at no cost to the customer.

Toyota said on Monday that the inspection and possible replacement of fuel tanks is “purely aesthetic.”

“There is no problem with corrosion or leaks or anything like that,” said Brian Lyons, spokesman for Toyota’s U.S. marketing branch, Toyota Motor Sales.

Not all RAV4s from the 2009 model year are affected. Owners will be notified this month of the inspections and possible fuel tank replacements, which will be done at no cost, Toyota told its dealers.

RAV4 owners will be able to ask dealers if their particular 2009 RAV4 is affected.

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