Strange Claims Indeed 4

August 4, 2008

Consumer advocate and owner of Pinnacle Insurance, Steve Desino, had an insured call after returning from a week’s vacation to a ruined living room rug. When Desino inquired as to the cause of the loss, the insured said, when getting ready to leave for his vacation, his toddler took his diaper off and defecated on the rug, then rolled and crawled through it, tracking it throughout the entire room.

The insured told Desino he had to leave it in the carpet during the duration of his vacation because his wife was already in the car, yelling at him to hurry or they would miss their flight. Subsequently, he, “slapped a diaper on the kid and ran out the door.”

A week later, the carpet was burned and ruined.

Desino had the insured report the incident as, “a sudden and accidental discharge.”

The company paid $4,700 to re-carpet the entire first floor of the residence.

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