Confessions of an Insurance Geek and the Future of

May 14, 2008 users will soon notice changes in the information included on the Web site and available for use. will soon inaugurate an analysis and technical content database with its first coverage analysis white paper. In addition to coverage analysis articles, this searchable database will contain discussions of insurance-related terms and concepts, market and trend analysis, and coverage checklists. Our primary goal in creating and maintaining this searchable information database is to provide you with a resource to make you more competitive in the market — to give you information that may give you an edge over your competition.

Although building this database will take time, our ultimate aim is to make your first stop when researching information on or analysis of coverage, markets, and insurance news related to changes in coverage and legal interpretations. Information and analysis available on will be relevant, useful and timely. New information will be added daily, and we welcome your recommendations for topics you would like covered and also your requests for technical analysis.

This information will be available in addition to our ever-expanding database (currently over 25,000) of insurance markets ready to work with you to design top-notch coverage for your clients. Access to this information will be by membership only; but membership is free; just the investment of time to register as a member at These are the goals of

Now, about the insurance geek that has been given this great opportunity – my name is Chris Boggs. You may have read the recent press release concerning my appointment to this position, but if not, that’s OK ’cause I’m going to give you the rest of the story (my apologies to Mr. Paul Harvey).

I call myself an “insurance geek” to mask the fact that I’m actually a very sick/demented/strange (whatever adjective you would like) individual. I actually “love” (not too strong of a term) this insurance stuff. I enjoy reading, analyzing and comparing policy forms, reading contracts, and teaching insurance. Insurance is as much as an avocation as a career for me.

I fell (few do this “on purpose”) into the world of insurance right out of college as a field representative for a division of Insurance Services Office. From that starting point, I have worked as a producer and agency owner, a full-time pre-licensing and CE provider for my state’s “Big I,” and as a risk management consultant. I even pulled a stint in claims, and yes, I do have flashbacks.

As you might guess, I’m a believer in education in general and insurance education specifically as a vehicle to allow us to do our best for our clients and the public. My insurance-related education began soon after entering the field. Thus far I have completed the CPCU, ARM, ALCM, LPCS, AAI, and APA designations (and I’m currently working on two more). Told you I am sick.

Nearly 18 years into my insurance career and I’m convinced there is no better industry in which to work. Without overstating the importance of the career you and I have chosen, insurance allows us as Americans to have what we have. There would be little innovation, financial institutions would not lend money for homes or buildings to be constructed; some businesses wouldn’t exist, and no business could grow and hire new employees. In short, our standard of living depends on the financial protection provided by insurance.

Every day you and your services are an important part of our society and way of life; our hope is that and the information it contains and will contain will become an important part of your day.

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