Cricket Lighter Company to Pay $200,000 to End 12-Year-Old Suit

March 4, 2008

Cricket Lighters will pay $200,000 to a settle a lawsuit regarding the death of three people in a 1993 fire.

The Stockholm-based company agreed to pay the settlement to end litigation that began in 1995.

Gwendolyn Phillips sued Cricket after the death of her daughter and two grandsons in a Hermitage fire.

The fire was started when Phillips’ two-year-old grandson, Jerome Campbell, lit linen with a lighter he found in his mother’s purse. Campbell, his mother, Robin, and three-year-old Alphonse Crawford were killed in the fire. Neil Williams, now 19, survived.

Phillips claimed in her suit that Cricket should have had childproof features on its lighters.

Source: The Herald,

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