Singer Tom Jones Denies Chest Hair Insurance Report

February 11, 2008

Singer Tom Jones denied a report he bought a $6.8 million insurance policy for his chest hair.

The British tabloid, The Daily Mirror, reported the famed singer went to underwriters at Lloyd’s of London with the unusual request and they agreed to write the policy.

Jones responded to the allegations posting a denial on his Web site, “The story published in the Daily Mirror on Feb. 5 is completely fabricated. No such insurance policy exists, nor has one ever been considered. We assume this is just the Mirror having a bit of fun and hope no one takes this kind of ‘reporting’ seriously.”

Lloyd’s claims it has insured several celebrity attributes during its history. “Some celebrities depend on certain aspects of themselves for their fame and, perhaps more importantly, their fortune,” said the firm in an article published on its Website in 2006 called, Famously Providing Insurance.

In the article, underwriter at Lloyd’s insurer Creechurch, John Thomas, talked about several celebrity policies including issuing coverage of chest hair in 2006. “Admittedly, this was one of the most obscure requests I’ve had — but I still came up with a wording that addressed the need,” he said.

Some of Lloyd’s unique policies include the legs of Fred Astaire, Betty Grable and Angie Dickinson; the hands of French pianist Richard Clayderman, Liberace and Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards; restaurateur Egon Ronay’s taste buds, and actor Ken Dodd’s teeth — reportedly covered for $7.7 million.

“In most cases,” said Thomas, “it’s a third party that’s buying the cover. For example, a football club insuring a major star, or a football agent who could potentially lose earnings if the footballer is injured.”

Regarding the future of this type of insurance, Thomas predicted a possible growing need for coverage in this market, “I think there may be a slight rise in this type of insurance for policies which affect the aesthetic damage of actresses and models,” says Thomas. “But the core of this type of cover will involve one aspect of disability for those with extraordinary requirements.”

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