New Liberty Mutual Unit Integrates Safety with Business Strategy

November 3, 2006

Newly-launched Liberty Mutual Solutions aims to assist large companies looking to improve the impact safety has on their bottom line.

The new unit offers safety tools and techniques on a fee-for-service basis to help large companies integrate safety into their business strategy.

According to James R. Johnson, who leads Liberty Mutual Safety Solutions, “Safety impacts the bottom line. But the closer it is to the heart of a company, the greater that impact. So recognizing safety at the highest level – as a core business strategy – captures the greatest benefits.”

Liberty Mutual says its Safety Solutions’ consultants work with companies to:

Set the strategic role of safety at the company, weaving it into company-wide initiatives driving quality, efficiency and profitability, such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

Build a continuous process of predicting, measuring and reducing risk – Liberty Mutual’s Residual Risk Reduction program helps quantify the risk companies face and reduce it to acceptable levels.

Create a culture of safety throughout the company – Liberty Mutual’s Architecture of Safety Excellenc provides a framework for engaging employees from the shop floor through the boardroom.

Transfer the best safety practices – Learn from the experience of other companies and industries.

Liberty Mutual Safety Solutions also offers consulting services in safety leadership, behavioral safety, diagnostics, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, work force fitness, vehicular safety and contingency planning.

Source: Liberty Mutual

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