AIG Says Computer Theft in Midwest Contains Personal Info of Thousands

June 20, 2006

A theft of computer equipment containing personal information about 970,000 individuals was recently confirmed by American International Group Inc., (AIG). The theft took place on March 31st at one of AIG’s Medical Excess L.L.C. unit offices in the Midwest.

Chris Winans, spokesperson for AIG, told Insurance Journal that the company was working closely with authorities, and therefore, declined to pinpoint the exact location in the Midwest where the theft occurred.

“We are very busy preparing information letters to the 970,000 individuals affected by this theft. The letters provide information on how to file a complaint or contact us or the authorities if they suspect their information may have been compromised,” Winan said.

The letters, which also explain how access a call center, are expected to be sent this week.

Winans added that to date no information has surfaced that would suggest that any of the information has been compromised.

In addition to the computer server, the thief stole a camera and a laptop computer. The stolen items were locked inside a regional office that was password-protected. There is no indication that suggests the thieves were after anything but the hardware, the spokesman confirmed.

Data in the computer was provided by approximately 690 brokers who input the personal information through a wide variety of formats and in some cases included Social Security numbers and names. All brokers have been notified.

AIG declined to issue a release at the time of the theft in order to avoid alerting the thief about the potential of accessing personal information on the hard drive.

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