More than 900 Insurers Contribute to Auto Claims History Database

April 11, 2006

ISO’s Automobile-Property Loss Underwriting Service (A-PLUS) now has more than 900 insurance companies – representing over 91 percent market share in direct written auto premium – providing auto loss data to A-PLUS Auto.

“The exponential growth in the size of our auto database reflects the ongoing support and confidence insurers entrust in A-PLUS as a comprehensive repository of underwriting information,” said Steven Craig, general manager of A-PLUS. “In addition to providing insurers with auto claims histories of insurance applicants for underwriting risks, A-PLUS Auto has made significant investments in data and technology to become a ‘go to’ industry resource on underwriting.”

ISO introduced the A-PLUS Auto database in late 2003 and has been expanding the number of insurance claims histories and the type of data available to underwriters in the database. The A-PLUS Auto database’s new features include information for an underwriter to know that a vehicle had been salvaged or it was stolen in Mexico. The system will indicate an insurance applicant’s address is actually a mail drop and not a valid residence or that a car’s odometer has been rolled back.

“This breadth and depth of data can help underwriters thoroughly understand the nature of the risk they are insuring, enabling them to write a higher quality and more profitable book of business,” Craig added.

For more information on A-PLUS and other underwriting information services from ISO, contact ISO Customer Service at (800) 888-4476, or send e-mail to:

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