CCC Upgrades Mobile Electronic Replacement Claim Connection

January 24, 2006

As the trend of customizing mobile electronics in vehicles reportedly grows (i.e. -speakers, amplifiers, video screens, navigation systems), so does the number of claims. In 2004, an estimated 400,000 claims involving mobile electronics were filed.

To help expedite claims such as these, Chicago-based CCC Information Services Inc., has signed an agreement with Salt Lake City-based First Choice Solutions (FCS), a provider of mobile electronics claims handling technology and services to the insurance industry. The agreement with FCS is the second such vendor agreement for CCC within the mobile electronic claims marketplace. CCC, a subsidiary of CCC Information Services Group Inc, is a supplier of information technology software and services to the auto-claims and collision-repair industries.

Under the agreement, CCC’s customers will send mobile electronic system claims to FCS via CCC Autoverse Claim Management – CCC’s centralized web solution designed to dispatch, receive, review and conclude the process of a claim. With CCC Autoverse Claim Management, users can access an electronic claim folder giving them a common area in which they can enter, retrieve and augment pertinent information relating to the claim.

Following receipt of the claim, FCS contacts the insured to verify the correct make and model of the mobile electronic equipment through its proprietary WebCARS estimating technology.

Developed and utilized by FCS for more than 13 years, WebCars tracks each electronic component model by its features and matches it to a newer model of equal features to determine a replacement. FCS also has access to many mobile electronics manufacturers.

Once the replacement equipment is determined, FCS provides installation options through a nationwide network of more than 3,000 installation facilities.

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