FloodSmart Notes Name Change

October 3, 2005

FloodSmart Inc., a company helping people and communities that are positioned in the nation’s flood plain, has officially transitioned to its new identity.

FloodSmart, a Texas corporation which has been in R&D mode for more than four years and became a publicly traded company as a result of a Sept. 6, 2005 merger with Allied Energy Corporation, changed its corporate name and stock ticker symbol on Sept. 29.

FloodSmart anticipates that the name change will reportedly better focus the company and is designed to more accurately reflect FloodSmart’s identity in the field of flood remediation, utilizing proprietary techniques and new technologies. The result is a cost-effective elevation process that avoids the adverse consequences of condemnation, in which the property owner loses financially and emotionally, mortgage companies lose revenue streams, and taxing authorities lose tax base.

Stockholders are not required to take any further action with respect to the name change.

For questions about certificates, investors may contact Nevada Agency and Trust Company at (775) 322-0626, address: 50 West Liberty, Suite 880, Reno, Nev., 89501, or contact their broker.

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