The Hartford Offering Quick Claim Payment Solutions for Victims of Katrina

September 19, 2005

  • September 20, 2005 at 7:37 am
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    It’s interesting, but there are several key factors that aren’t mentioned anywhere in their “Quick Payment Solutions” that would probably be of interest as well.

    1) The Hartford is not using ANY of their own field staff to handle the claims. While State Farm, Allstate, Auto-Owners, Nationwide and many others put their staff adjusters out to handle their claims, the Hartford is trusting their “valued customers” to independent adjusters. This isn’t a knock on them, but they are overloaded and moving 100mph trying to see everything they can. Also, they aren’t allowed to make coverage decisions, so many of the questions a customer might have, will still have to come from someplace else… and the answers can vary when calling customer service, or their agent or the claims office. Which leads to point number…

    2)What about the AARP customers? AARP Members make up a large percentage of The Hartford’s personal lines book of business. Have the independent adjusters been trained in dealing with elderly customers at their time of the most stress they could possibly have endured? No. They are likely to leave the elderly customer with more questions than answers. And speaking of answers…

    3)While being able to electronically transfer funds is “new and exciting”, it won’t work for payments on homes where there is a mortgage. The Mortgage company’s interest has to be protected, so compensation for those damages will have to be issued in check form. Additionally, there are thousands and thousands of displaced families, many of whom banked with smaller local banks which more than likely are completely out of commission. Oh, gee, well I guess we’ll have to send you a check in Atlanta. What? You don’t have an account set up there? Well, set one up! And then there’s the ever popular…

    4) “Oh, we didn’t know that you had flooding as well. I’m sorry, but that money we so efficiently sent you electronically (or by check if one of the cases above sets forth) needs to be sent back, since the flood waters damaged your contents first, before the wind tore your roof off and allowed water to pour in. Can we have that $25,000 back by tomorrow?” And lastly…

    5)Grace periods for making premium payments is generally mandated by the insurance departments in the State where the storms have impact. Let’s not try to sound so magnanimous about something you have no choice over.

    If this is the best that The Hartford can come up with, maybe it’s time to talk to Allstate, or State Farm, or Nationwide..

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