NBIS – ProBuilders Offering Assistance to Contractors in Several Hurricane-Stricken States

August 31, 2005

In an effort to alleviate some of the pain that Hurricane Katrina has brought to the southeastern part of the United States, ProBuilders is offering reduced premiums to those contractors licensed and domiciled in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida.

The company is offering these reduced premiums to those contractors actively involved in the re-building, remodeling and repair of those homes, municipalities and businesses affected by this tragedy.

Effective immediately and for the remainder of 2005, ProBuilders will offer a 10 percent rate decrease on all work that is directly related to Hurricane Katrina. If a contractor can show that more than 50 percent of its business is allocated to the hurricane rebuilding efforts, ProBuilders will provide the 10 percent rate reduction across the contractor’s entire portfolio.

ProBuilders can offer up to $2 million in CGL limits over various deductibles or SIRs to both the general contractors and subcontractors.

NBIS is the exclusive underwriting manager of ProBuilders Specialty Insurance Company RRG. More information about NBIS – ProBuilders is available at http://www.nbis.com.

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