AF Launches New Arbitrator Certification Program

July 5, 2005

Arbitration Forums Inc., (AF) a national arbitration services organization, has created a new arbitrator training and certification program to enhance the quality of decisions made by more than 6,500 arbitrators.

AF arbitrators are required to participate in the program that covers the new process for reviewing cases, making a decision and explaining that decision.

The program provides additional direction on how to present clear, well-written explanation of decisions by giving arbitrators an opportunity to develop and practice their writing skills.

The new certification program is in addition to AF’s continuing education workshops, including web seminars that focus on the practical application of the rules and procedures for each arbitration program.

In addition to decision quality certification, AF is also providing program-specific arbitrator training and certification. For example, the Special Arbitration Forum Certification Program has been designed to further enhance the arbitrator’s knowledge for resolving disputes in third-party co-defendant coverage situations, concurrent coverage and workers’ compensation subrogation with a dollar damage limit of up to $250,000.

To receive certification as a Special Arbitrator, a candidate must pass a series of exams to validate that they have the knowledge necessary to render decisions on issues such as coverage, liability, and damages.

AF Special Arbitrators must pass three exams; one on general claims knowledge, another on AF’s Special Arbitration Forum, and the final exam on several simulated cases.

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