Fire Corps, Fireman’s Fund Note Partnership to Assist Fire Departments

May 9, 2005

Fire Corps and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company announced that Fireman’s Fund is the first corporation to offer employee support to fire departments across the country through Fire Corps. Fireman’s Fund employees will assist with non-emergency roles in their communities, allowing firefighters to focus on acute-emergency tasks.

Fire Corps, a partner program of Citizen Corps, helps fire departments identify citizens across the country to handle activities such as administrative duties, fire safety education and other non-emergency projects. Fireman’s Fund will work directly with Fire Corps to coordinate volunteer support by its employees and help identify new Fire Corps opportunities with fire departments across the country.

This partnership is the most recent extension of Fireman’s Fund Heritage, Fireman’s Fund’s philanthropic program to support firefighters for safer communities. Since its inception last year, Fireman’s Fund Heritage has awarded more than $3 million in grant funding to fire agencies across the United States.

Through a component of Fireman’s Fund Heritage called the “Bucket Brigade,” Fireman’s Fund employees and employees of insurance agencies that carry Fireman’s Fund products will participate in activities under Fire Corps’ citizen advocacy program. Additionally, employees will contact fire departments located in their communities to help Fire Corps identify additional departments needing citizen support. This information will then be added to the Fire Corps database for use by Fireman’s Fund employees as well as the general public. Thus, this partnership will reportedly expand opportunities for successfully matching fire service needs and citizen manpower.

First on the scene of any emergency, firefighters respond to natural disasters, accidents, medical emergencies and fires — despite increasingly limited resources. In addition to being on call for emergency response, fire departments are also responsible for day-to-day administration and fire-safety prevention education programs in their communities. Across the country, firefighters are reportedly being asked to do more with fewer resources.

“We are very excited to partner with Fireman’s Fund in support of Fire Corps initiatives at fire departments and rescue squads throughout the United States,” said Shawn Stokes, director of Fire Corps. “Citizens, such as Fireman’s Fund employees, can add unique value to our nation’s fire departments through their enthusiasm, work experience and ideas for improving programs.”

Fire Corps established the citizen advocacy program in 2004. Fire Corps activities may include assisting fire department personnel with administrative duties, educating the public about fire safety and prevention and supporting community emergency response teams.

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