CIGNA Dental Unveils New Web Solution for Claims Submission with Post-N-Track

April 14, 2005

CIGNA Dental has teamed with Post-N-Track Corporation to provide a new Web solution for the submission of claims.

Dentists can now post their claims online for direct delivery to CIGNA Dental, and receive immediate confirmation of receipt. This new Post-N-Track service is offered at no cost to providers in the CIGNA Dental network.

“CIGNA Dental is committed to making the claims process as simple and efficient as possible, and Post-N-Track will help us enhance our electronic claims capabilities and customer service offerings,” said Carlos Ferrera, vice president of Operations Effectiveness and Quality for CIGNA Dental. “CIGNA HealthCare began using Post-N-Track for its medical claims in 2004 and we expect similar success in facilitating claims transactions with our dental community.”

With the Post-N-Track solution, claims are submitted via a secure Web tunnel and delivered directly to CIGNA Dental. Each claim file is treated as a separate transaction that is tracked from pickup to delivery, similar to a package sent by a delivery service.

Dentists can check results online with the Post-N-Track Claim Management Center, including receipt confirmations, acknowledgments, claims status and remittance notices. Post-N-Track also provides automated HIPAA validation for inbound claim files, and converts encrypted responses into human-readable messages for dental providers.

Members of the CIGNA Dental network can enroll online at

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