ISO Expands A-PLUS Auto Database to Cross-Check Vehicles Stolen, Shipped from Mexico to U.S.

March 15, 2005

An ISO loss-history database may now be used to track down cars stolen in Mexico and shipped to the U.S. ISO’s Automobile-Property Loss Underwriting Service (A-PLUS) database has been enhanced to cross-check for automobiles reported stolen in Mexico and transported to the U.S.

The Mexico Theft Alert service is available through an agreement between ISO and the Coordinating Office of Insured Risks and the Mexican Association of Insurance Companies (OCRA-AMIS). Starting now, all auto insurers that contribute automobile loss-history claims information to the ISO database will be able to participate in the new A-PLUS service.

Companies ordering A-PLUS auto reports will automatically have new searches performed against a database maintained and housed at ISO. The database containing the vehicle identification numbers of all vehicles reported stolen in Mexico will cross-check for any matches of cars brought into the U.S.

If the database returns a match, the information on the report will be enhanced to include make, model and model year information about the stolen car. A-PLUS will inform the U.S. insurer that the vehicle being underwritten has been reported stolen and provide the carrier information to notify OCRA, which is responsible for vehicle recoveries.

“A-PLUS is committed to helping law enforcement authorities clamp down on cross-border vehicle thefts and assisting insurers address the issue of fraud at the time of underwriting versus the time when a claim is filed,” said Steve Craig, A-PLUS general manager. “The A-PLUS auto database has more than 90 percent market share of vehicle claims as measured by direct written premium countrywide. The database uses sophisticated algorithms and newly implemented recursive search techniques, which are augmented by new recursive match reason codes, to identify loss-history information and cross-check for stolen vehicles. The Mexico Theft Alert service will now help insurers fight back more vigorously with this new information,” Craig added.

For more information on the new and enhanced A-PLUS services, contact Steve Craig at

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