RiskMeter Online Now Offering Manual Flood Determinations, Certifications

February 3, 2005

CDS Business Mapping LLC, a provider in online hazard mapping, is now offering manual flood determinations and flood certifications.

As a result of these new services, users will be able to get flood determinations for virtually any address in the U.S., even difficult-to-find locations. This is offered as a new add-on feature to the RiskMeter Online real-time flood determination service.

Currently, if the address entered cannot be accurately pinpointed, no flood zone information is returned. Now, users will be able to get the correct flood zone for any address, even new streets and rural addresses.

“In our ongoing effort to make the RiskMeter Online the only geographic risk determination tool that insurance professionals need, we will enhance our flood capabilities in two ways,” explained Dan Munson, vice president of Marketing & Sales. “First, if users can’t get an accurate address match, they will be able to enter some more information and get a manual determination done. This means that someone will actually do the research, so that they will get the right answer every time. Although the answer might not be instantaneous, it means our users will always get an answer, and will not need to find another way to handle hard-to-find addresses. The second enhancement, flood certifications, means that we will guarantee that the determination is correct.”

For more information on these services, contact Munson at dmunson@cdsys.com.

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