USA Technologies’ e-Port Part of Battle Against Theft

January 21, 2005

Hotels, vending machine operators and bottlers in America are reporting that USA Technologies’ e-Port cashless transaction solution is helping them win the war against vandalism and theft from vending machines.

USA Technologies disclosed the findings of a customer survey showing that vandalism and theft from vending machines had stopped almost immediately after the e-Port debit and credit card system was installed to replace cash transactions.

Early tests of the e-Port overcoming theft and vandalism were reportedly so convincing that North County Vending, a major U.S. vending machine management company, decided to remove cash only vending machines and replace them with e-Port debit and credit card machines at more than 40 hotels and motels where vandalism and theft was most prevalent.

“Some hotels were being targeted on a regular basis, with thieves using everything from specially made keys to crow bars, leaving machines empty of cash and damaged,” said Mark McDonald, vice president of Operations, North County Vending. “In the locations where we installed the e-Port credit and debit card solution and removed cash completely, vending machine vandalism has been virtually eliminated. It’s been an overwhelming success.”

“Vandalism in the vending industry has reached almost epidemic proportions across the United States, with many hotels key targets,” said Jim Turner, vice president and channel manager, Intelligent Vending, USA Technologies Inc. “A major bottling company reported that theft from its vending machines in Las Vegas was expected to top $1 million, in addition to the expense involved in prosecuting offenders and repairing damaged units.”

The problem was reportedly so widespread in California, that some hotels and properties were considering removing vending machines all together, rather than deal with the growing problem of theft and vandalism.

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