Assist America Helping Tsunami Victims

January 11, 2005

Assist America, a provider of global emergency services through employee benefit plans, is actively helping members affected by the Dec. 26 tsunami.

With the magnitude of this catastrophe in mind, in cases of tsunami-related events, Assist America will extend most assistance services, normally reserved strictly to clients, to the domestic and foreign affiliates of those clients, free of charge, and will further offer all required transportation to those affiliates at flat cost. Due to the devastating circumstances, Assist America has also removed the 100-mile limitation for tsunami-related incidents.

Assist America has staff and network affiliates on the ground in each of the areas hit. If assistance is required, call Assist America at 1-(800) 872-1414 (if calling from within the U.S.) or 1- (301) 656-4152 (preceded by U.S. access code, if calling from outside the U.S.) and have your ID number available.

In responding to the worst natural disaster the world has seen in decades, Assist America is providing essential services that include: medical referrals, emergency message transmission, assistance in finding missing people, and updates on the current situation in all locations.

The company is offering assistance with evacuations to medical care, repatriations home and return of mortal remains, language translation and interpretation, information on how to contact local embassies, consulates and U.S. Department of State, assistance with passport and document replacement, as well as safety and security advice.

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