Snow Damage Can be Prevented

December 10, 2004

Old man winter is finally here, and there’s nothing quite like the snow turning one’s home into a real life winter wonderland.

But the white stuff isn’t all fun and games – it can cause major damage to one’s house if they are not careful. Here are some tips on how to prevent snow from leaving individuals out in the cold.

* Trim any tree branches hanging over the home because heavy snow can send them crashing down.
* Keep the gutters clean because if they are blocked, ice damning can occur and water will get into the home.
* Keep the thermostat at 65 degrees or warmer inside the home to help prevent pipes from freezing or bursting.
* If planning to vacation for an extended period of time this winter, turn off the water supply to the home to prevent your pipes from freezing while away.
* Make sure pipes in exterior walls are insulated.
* Check that your furnace and heating unit are up to date and working properly.
* Make sure your attic is heated only about 5-10 degrees above the outside temperature. Any hotter and it may melt the snow on the roof too quickly, causing excessive runoff, then freezing which can cause the roof to collapse.

Finally, make sure to review one’s homeowner’s policy with an insurance agent to see what snow related damages are covered by the policy – because no matter how prepared, there are some damages one may not be able to prevent.

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